A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Created by Team Phlargenarffen for the 2 week 2018 Winter Awful Jam, the theme was "Alternate History"

Development Note: All Art, Audio, and Code was created from scratch. 


You are the last few Spartans holding out against Xerxes and his army. His patience is wearing thin, and he's sending everything he has. Fight his men off as long as you can manage!


A and D keys to move your line of Spartans left-to-right, and Spacebar or Left Mouse to throw spears.

Known Issues:

  • If a wave is completed at the same time as your last Spartan falls, the game may get into a bad state from which it will eventually crash
  • Occasionally, the Mac build crashes on startup - if this happens, Force Quit the app and try again


GlorySimulator480BC Win 52 MB
GlorySimulator480BC Mac 109 MB

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