A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Created by Team Phlargenarffen for the 1 month 2015 Summer Awful Jam, the theme was "Critical Omission": Make a good game that is missing something important.

Development Note: All Art, Audio, and Code was created from scratch. 


Sub-Optimal is a game about submarine battles... but your crew forgot to load any torpedoes! Thankfully, there's lots of junk aboard, and even your crewmembers make alright ammunition in a pinch.

Fight your way through waves of unique enemy types, and defeat your sworn nemesis, Mecha-Hitler.

v1.1 Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where health bars for enemies with anything other than 100 health were incorrect.
  • Updated animations for Mecha-Hitler

A Note About Pausing:

Hit ESC during gameplay to pause the game and bring up a menu. From there you can return to the main menu, surrender (to restart the level), and look at the controls guide.


SubOptimal Win 29 MB
SubOptimal Mac 31 MB

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